Menu EN

Go ahead and pick your favourite foods beforehand. Or just check out our menu because you feel like it.

KOSelig does not do “difficult eaters”. That is why we do not have any fixed combinations on our menu. You pick your favourite combination from our lists, and we make that for you. Easy peasy, as there’s a nice big writing pad on your table. Start by filling in your name and table number. You should know one of these, and the other one is listed on the flower pot on your table.
First you decide what you are in the mood for. Salad? Sandwich? Wrap? Toasty?
Pick one or two toppings, and combine them with a spread. Or not. As you like, remember? Don’t forget to add some veggies. You can tell me which ones to include, which ones to exclude, or that you love veggies and leave the choice to me.
As you know all our bread and wraps are free of gluten, dairy and egg. One of the wraps contains soy, everything else we serve is free of that, too.
Are there any other allergens we need to taken into account for you? Please write these down too!