About Koselig

Klasien de Jong

Koselig, Kos for short, means cosiness, homeliness and implies a sense of being sheltered, being kept safe. And that is exactly what KOSelig represents.

My name is Klasien. I love good food, and especially love something nice to go with a steaming mug of tea. Unfortunately those of us who live by a diet often have very little choice in sweets or cakes. We usually end up with that one familiar and boring brownie, don’t we. Or something healthy and date-based, and that is a no go for most FODMAP followers. Which is why I decided to focus my life on sweets and cakes that go well with (almost) any diet.

The result turned out super KOSelig, so head on over to our shop to score your favourite treats without letting go of your diet or lifestyle. This way, you will always have something tasty yet responsible to go with your tea or coffee. Be it at home or in our cosy restaurant.